Hollow Earth, Revisited

by Along Came Paully

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released February 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Along Came Paully Tulsa, Oklahoma

I record/mix/master everything by myself on a tascam 8-track analog recorder.

I was born on 05/07/1993. been writing poetry since 2002.

P. S. i have never seen the movie Along Came Polly. the end

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Track Name: Excerpts From Thine Hollowed Earth
Cursed by thirst, my purge of words
blurt fire fueled from hollowed Earth,
stir shepherds herds- to mocking birds,
disperse inert minds yearning worth
insured that the cure is in the search
for something obscure, unheard, and pure
but what that is we're still unsure
as things continue as they were.

These trends depend on which end you spend
your time and effort, so don't give in
to the monetary lie which is
you nor anyone you love can live
unless you invest in big businesses
and place your worth in dollars and cents,
but please realize that none of this fits
and it all goes to worship corrupt governments
and lobbyist agendas, so don't let them win,
as the man on the commercial yells, "you've sinned!
give me the last four digits of your pin,
or things will continue as they've been!"

Star struck narcissist is jarred
when their expensive shit-car gets hit hard,
watch his tooth-carved caviar cigar fall far,
land charred in the sam slums the starved bums cart.
Not a head had turned, not a single remark
of the disregard, paid for in cash or by card.
The parked shards collect like art in the tar,
and things continue as they are.

Subconsciously you hear in threes,
the same way that your third eye sees,
so whether or not you're listening
to the metaphors that i sing to thee,
you're still catching something, hopefully,
perhaps a glimpse into what Your sum means...
but as for everyone or thing collectively,
or the ideas that i am planting verbally,
i will not speak, for you don't ask me,
for i must not know how these things should be...
Track Name: So
Oh, lend me your ears and i'll sing you a song,
there are so many things that we've got going wrong,
we've been playing the same games for far way too long.
we've got to learn when to pack up and move on,
and i'll tell you right now, in the event that we don't,
then you'll probably be sent to Guantanamo,
so don't say that i didn't say so.

the new order emerging is drastically needed,
but the distrust in our government is too deeply seeded,
we've taken for granted words meant to be heeded,
and complain about how we're still being mistreated.
you can bow down your heads and ask your god why
but the answer we're looking for is not in the sky,
no, it comes when all the old people die.

come new generations, let us rebuild our world
where there are no kings or queens, or parliaments
or any dominant beings, any race, boy or girl
should all be seen the same, no less and no more
and if you care at all for this Earth that is ours,
then you'll do something now, this minute, this hour,
son't hide in your homes, or retreat like cowards,
or continue letting criminals have the power.
Make yourself heard, and if they don't listen, speak louder.

Please understand, at least get the gist,
the entirety of Earth is on the endangered list,
so if you witness two men kiss, let them kiss,
we've got to live and let live, and you're gonna get pissed,
raise your clenched fist in this new morning mist
and aim your aggressions at the ones who've earned it,
if you want things to changed, at least act like you deserve it.

Don't follow the stray path society leads,
they don't want you to have your own thoughts, don't you think
that the media is trying to keep you in your seat?
history doesn't always have to repeat,
and in order to get where we all want to go,
then you've got to get out of your old comfort zone
i promise things only get worse if you don't,
so don't say that i didn't say so.
Track Name: Tragic Comedy
its so hard to make a difference in this selfish society,
people don't want change unless its in the form of money,
capitalism worked for awhile until now,
we've got to get rid of the government, but we don't know how,
but thats what i'm here for, i've got some insight.
we've need to do away with politics to keep all our rights.
If everyone quit their jobs and just turned off their tvs
and stopped using money, we'll just do things for free.
i know it sounds crazy, but just think of the impact
if all the people of the world were to regain power back.
the government would fall, and there would be no more wars
if all the soldiers decided to put down their swords.
it was so easy for the rich man to recruit civilian soldiers,
but when forced to fight their own wars, now the violence is over
how funny
there would be no poverty and no minimum wage
everyone would be equal, we would all give and gain,
there'd be no unequal bargains, and no uneven trade
if everyone were as generous, we would all be sustained.
there'd be no passports or borders between countries or states,
the only laws of the land are don't kill, harm, or take.
you can live your life, but keep your hands off of mine.
we've got to stop asking the government for things
the more they give us, the more liberties they take away
and to all the selfish people who i know disagree,
take your government elsewhere and let us be free.
Track Name: Divide and Conquer
Everyone hates the white man
the white man is evil
although the last time that i checked, its wrong to hate general groups of people.
it is politically incorrect, i say
the ones who we should hate
are the ones who have convinced us that it has anything to do with race.
I understand the history, and i can see imbalanced power,
But i am telling you that in this day, the skin tone shouldn't matter
for that is just another way to separate us so we don't congregate and overtake the corporation that these political parties demonstrate.
i hate republicans and democrats, for they both have the same agenda,
they just go about them in different ways so as to appeal to all opinions.
But the day we take our guns and shoot the ones with all the funds will be the day when we decide just how our candidates will run.

Everyone hates the white man, and it is socially okay
as if i had a choice when i was born to choose my gender or my race
look me in the face and tell me i don't want to make things change
and that i'm a sexist, racist child molester who kills when i'm enraged.
you have got to see the hypocrisy
when you stereotype and generalize.
i'm not saying i'm oppressed by any means, i just want to clarify that it is counter productive to assume that every white man sees equality,
when i am perfectly aware that things are far from where they've got to be.
i shouldn't personally feel the guilt caused by people who sort of look like me,
for i am not the one in power, i only benefit from it, unfortunately
it is disgusting, and i resent it, but if you hate me for these (uncontrollable) assets, then what makes you any different from the "white man" in that aspect?
Track Name: Bad Paulitics
Epiphanies and clarities
politicians lack hilarity
like statues with no liberties
conserving all of their energy
for behind the scenes, invisibly
passing different things in secrecy
from the sea to shining sea
i'm constantly checking behind me,
i'm paranoid of marshal law.
citizens are being killed by cops
and the only way to avoid being shot
don't be black or don't be caught,
recently they ruled they don't need warrants for a search,
we just keep letting these things happen and its only getting worse
but its not the end of the Earth,
just the end of this verse.

so i'll insert the eye of Horus
in to every single chorus
because thats what people like,
thats what you told me.
oh say can you see me
through your CCTVs?

Juxtapose your voting polls
with oil, gasoline, and coal
our economic infrastructures
digging us a deeper hole,
corporations claim that global warming is fake
while the media tries to distract us from
what right in front of our face
you say you want to make change
but keep scrolling your Facebook page
they've got you where they want you
its not easy getting out
they've got you cornered...like a hooker
you better bring their money now.
sure, they've got more kings,
but we outnumber them in pawns
but its not the end of the con,
just the end of this song

so i'll insert the eye of Horus
into every single chorus
cause that's what people like
thats what you told me
oh say can you see me
through your CCTVs?
Track Name: Reiteration
Growing up where i live, it is hard to get by
without contributing to the opposing side.
not the republicans or democrats,
for they are only just the surface
if you can't see past that,
you might as well close the curtains.
no, i'm talking about the 1% and the ultimate scheme.
the government is a tool, and we are the machine.
if we're not working, they will fix us up right.
they will hammer us and screw us through the dark of the night.
they'll laugh tip we bleed out the scripture of the tragic comedy.

i don't like fiction, so i rarely read
the newspapers, magazines, bibles, and things
the world wide web is spun with misinformation
its all just propaganda to divide all the nations.
if you subscribe, i feel sorry for you
when you get left behind for your need to consume.
so you eat all the lies fed to you by the news,
now your point of view is skewed, and your skulls grown obtuse
digesting what they regurgitate like stuffed birds on a plate

take the apple from your mouth, throw the grenade back at them
don't accept bargains or payouts from these men.
they are liars, they'll deceive you, they'll laugh as they stamp
serial numbers on your arm in a concentration camp.
its happened before, it is bound to happen again.
Track Name: Wolf in Wool
i've got a nuisance in my head who's got a few cents worth of words
i like to pay him by the minute when i revisit hollow earth
he won't let me put my pen down tip i'm running out of ink
i barely get an opportunity to think or room to breathe...
stanzas flying off the page, i've to something to say,
i know the ears of those who claim to be awake are led astray.
some people create their egos to make them think they're herding sheep
when in reality they wake up just to fall right back to sleep.

when the blind leads the blind
and everyone jumps off the cliff
i am the wolf the liar warned you of,
and i will not plead the 5th
Track Name: The Sum (take 2)
clarities and epiphanies
ring out from beneath
the missing keys
i try to leave
but only tease
the concrete

balcony under a cotton tree
swimming pools and a trampoline
dog shit, and a broken swing
behing me

winter and our frozen gates,
holidays, my average grades,
all the things my father hates,
my childhood

there is a creek that runs through my backyard
it rises when its raining hard
and i saw myself on a tarot card
but what do i mean?

crystal balls and a psychic hand
stroke the dick of the working man
who can't see past a clothing brand
or his finances

paranoid with no alarms,
republicans with their firearms
all slaughtered lambs on friendly farms
my home town

where the psychologists diagnose 'depressed'
to rebellious existentialists
who experience and second guess the "real world"

there is a ladder built to reach the moon
and it shadows on your necktie noose
which is hanging you from your corporate cube
to your wallet

they've put your worth next to a dollar sign, now you are how much you make, just a goldfish in a bowl, yeah just a bird trapped in a cage. well if everyone tends to march to the beat of the loudest drum, when your leaders are the problem, you're the sum.

its meaningless to try to find
any meaning in this life
you just define whats underlined.

eyes and ears, they come in threes
the satellites of reality
pay attention maybe one day you'll be
free of both of these

there is no limit to the subconscious mind,
no comfort zones, no boundary lines
what you hear or see does not define your sanity.

and the sun tends to illuminate
everything except your fate
and what you'll find beyond your golden gate
will resuscitate you

and instruments need not be tuned
if they're only used to sing the blues
as if the only ears to witness truth were in this room

people find themselves at ease
when its just themselves they have to feed,
but the ones who choose to start families
are the ones who shouldn't breed.

yeah, the incompetent, they procreate,
all accidents while the earth rotates,
but death is not the worst thing that will happen.

subconscious seeds of the universe
expanded minds will find rebirth
but all life rises from the dirt and is recycled

threads of our existence fractal more with each decision, composition that just isn't less than perfect for transition, so as long as i'm imprisoned, i'll keep giving you renditions, but whats the difference when no one ever listens?

it's worthless to confide
in the seams that have become untied
when your frame of mind is a dotted line

evil souls, they seem to be
hungry for your apathy
or whatever falls from your apple tree
will be eaten

until you cut it down to find the truth
but now the hatchet has been used,
it is either it or you, one of the two,
will be buried

and your money tree that always grew,
well now its dead and won't produce,
the corporate clown is unamused,
but is still smiling.

the rabbit's foot, a lucky charm
handed down to our brothers in arms
but the human hand will cause most harm
when given power

symbolism holds its place
like a bookmark between religious pages
but no one wants to question their faith or be saved

money spends the world around
but there are people underground
with knowledge far beyond what we have found
here on the surface

so we build our gods and start our wars
for every one we kill, we'll make ten more
we'll sell it cheaper than ever before
my soul is yours

the shepherds pick and prod and burn your wool til you're unclothed, millions just like you line the aisles of the market where you're told "no one gives a shit if you're indecently exposed. you're just a product, and you're already sold."

pointless days no longer fun
but the end of this will come
now that you've found the sum