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i spent 16 months writing and recording this album.

guest artists featured in “Light”
in order by track appearance:

-Brandon Smits
(guitar middle of track 1, guitar on track 8, co-samples on track 16)
-Julian Smith
(main bass riff on track 1)
-Marissa Anderson
(co-vocals on track 6 and 20)
-Christian Gotschalk
(uke loop and guitar loops on tracks 7 and 9)
-Rico Sanchez
(bass and co-vocals/lyrics on track 10)
-Bobby Austin
(free form drums at the end of track 14)
-Drew Hale
(co-founder of DROWN samples on intro and outro of track 16)
-Paul Steele- everything else

First of all, i dont know where i would be or what i’d be screwing up if i did not have the love and support of my Mom and Dad. You two are amazing. I can not thank you enough.
Secondly, a special thanks to Brandon and Rico for constantly helping me with my projects. You guys are the coolest. Thank you.
I would also like to thank:- Kolby Webster for letting us show our "Fun And Games" movie a few times at the Circle Cinema. -Mike Holdinghaus for the awesome album cover, and housing me on tour. -My cousin Jessie for the badass moth picture on the back of the album. -Marissa Anderson for drawing the moths on the CD. -Every friend or stranger that helped me or let me stay with them while i was on tour. -Everybody who played on this album, i love you all and am so grateful to be able to work with such amazing people/artists. -I would also like to thank the moth and the numbers 7 and 22.
I hope everybody enjoys this album as much as i do.

P.S. ...Want to know what Nothing knew? listen to (at least) every 7th song of my discography.


released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Along Came Paully Tulsa, Oklahoma

I record/mix/master everything by myself on a tascam 8-track analog recorder.

I was born on 05/07/1993. been writing poetry since 2002.

P. S. i have never seen the movie Along Came Polly. the end

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Track Name: Free The Moth
Light came from nowhere
i look from your eyes
to see if you are dreaming.
wouldn't you like to know?
the answer is both

i'm a crayon
soaked in bleach
but its alright
she uses me
i was god, i got bored
and now i'm just a moth of sorts
i'll become an archetype
and model my subconscious mind
i don't care, no i don't

free the moth
Track Name: "The Walking One"
I've been waiting
you're running out of time
i'm flying around in circles, won't you open up your eyes?
you are just like me
you walk but you go nowhere
and you do it all the time
across your burning bridges
just to step into the light...

walk into the house, a bore
throw my glasses on the floor
reach in through the bedroom door
flip the switch and learn some more
"open up your mind and free the moth and let it fly"
the compulsive thought occurs, i comply
when i step into the light
perspectives with different inflections reflect in respect to artistic direction from hindsight to insight from inside the moths mind,
i write it all down to make up for lost time
i am the walking one
i channel entities
i've got a moth in my head i let speak through me
i have epiphanies
i found the missing keys
i am a nuisance to those who refuse to think..
now what are you witnessing
isn't life interesting?
you are now entering
where light covers everything

i answered the call
to wake the endless night
it is my fate
so please
don't save
me from
the light
Track Name: Sound, Shutter, Movement
passing by this fleeting life, the frames collide
a passerby is spilled inside my stimul-eyes
whispered wings to quantum dust we travel time
i am home to those who interpret light

in the cinema of experience
do you cling to what you see?
and how attached you've become to coincidence
but still hear no synchronicity

in the dark room where you sleep
expose yourself
become a picture perfect dream
when you color in your photography
do you allow the ink to bleed?

the keys i found get played to the aging wall
only when you free the moth you'll know it all

the sun
it drips and dials
i answer the call..
theres static in the snow in the darkness
i'll find my way to that home
before i melt away
like candle wax to flame
so sorry if i seem to take forever
i get caught up in
fun and games...

sound and light
Track Name: Phantom Of Venice
shadows of the walking one
sleeping on the sandy beach
praise the never ending sun
so bright that i can hardly see

there is something going on
more so than what meets the eye
found what i was thinking of
illuminated in the light
Track Name: Switch
beams of light
curled under the toes of my
conscious mind
and twirl between
beheaded queens
and other foolish things
but stop to find
that the entire time
what lies beneath
(the sum of these)
is kerosene
and the only thing
i'll never need
(is a wick)
and a reason to leave

see the light
seep through the ceiling of my
seamless eye
and fabric sight
is torn in two
with red and blue
and a hint of you
with a passing wish
everything is lit
when i hit the switch
when the sun sets
warm petals down on your skin
let it sink in
and just feel it all again
Track Name: Sneezed
i don't care
where i go
turn it upside down
and now you know

call me a runaway,
i don't care what you say
no telling where i'll stay,
but its not with you, no

once i leave this skin,
then you can count me in
i'm not a downward spiral,
theres a reason, yeah

i dont wanna say hello,
i don't wanna say hello
i dont wanna say hello
Track Name: s h a d o w s p a c e
i got the full effect of light way down on venice beach
i don't know how i ended up there but i fell asleep
i had no time to tell, i tell you, i had no time at all
i very well could still be dreaming but i'll free this moth

i'm on the bus to san francisco and i just met god
she told me everything she knew but then i just forgot
i had a choice between the two but then i went too far
next time i come to california i'll just take my car

intricate and glassy eyed
synchronized to venice fly
trap door opened whats inside
flickered in the wind and died

red against the green and grey
like splinters in a windowsill
reflecting what you see but still
you feel so unfulfilled
eyelets sip the
passing wisps
the weeping willow's kiss
is frozen on your forehead,
not from cold,
but utter bliss

petals pressed to ink
and reach out
from one maiden's spoken dream
drip their way into
the streams of
poet's pen and paper bleach

i made love to
the slit of light
that trickled down
into my eye
i did not blink
it flickered slight
the shadows bloomed
and so did i
Track Name: Prism
as i lay in this dark place and contemplate the signs,
its hard to say what isn't a waste of time,
from my hollow face, interpretation, sunshine,
and separate good intention from bad tendencies of mine.
question: what is perfection to a human state of mind?
i try so hard, and what do i find?
Nothing and Light.
Menorah in the prophets hand
with golden flames to melt the sand
we swim in and fly
through nonlinear time,
the walking one and the passerby

oh hello, beautiful prism
apeirogon eternally risen
see my clear white light
disperse into 7

every day that you wake,
never put it to waste

every sun that you paint,
let it rise from the page

every sound that you make,
never let the echo fade
Track Name: Phosphene
take my time, i'm happy going nowhere
see the signs, but you won't know 'til you get there
in the sun, don't hide your eyes from the glare
i'll go blind from staring at the light, i don't care

light projectors flow like heavy nectar
through a skull thats full of red and blue
circulate 'til pupils dilate
just wide enough for a moth to fly through

burning up, almost desperate enough
reach for the brightest thing within my sight
to which the closer that i move
my shadow just consumes
everything behind me not in the path
of the illuminating light
Track Name: Perihelion
enough of this suffering
i'm so sick of giving in to these earthy things

sun, don't turn back on me
don't turn away, don't turn away

i've wanted to end it all
and i've felt this way for far too long

alone, no hands raised up high,
bury us into the ground

the sun can never set
just as long as i can keep it all in my head

no more faces towards the sky
no more rain, no more rain

went on a tangent
found the sine
in the center was my eye
saw the stars could realign
this scattered mess i call my mind
if i have the time
do you have the time
do you have the time
do you have the time
do you have the time
do you have the time
do you have the time

no end in sight when we face the sun
around it goes ,earth and light
give us rest, i'm done inside
no end in sight when we face the sun
Track Name: Nothing Knew
indeed, its strange
to live a life in such a way
just passing by, just passing by....

nothing knew
of the light
that would come
in the night
just passing by
just passing by

nothing knew
all the time
moth would fly
from my eye
just passing by
just passing by....

i've been clinging to the hope
that everything can change in a moments notice
the terror is existential

i've been contemplating lately
that everything seems so perfectly placed
and i'm just scattered enough to reach it all

found myself sitting between some deities
discussing the fate of my soul
is it possible its all a numbers game

sewn more seeds than i can manage
some of which have already started blooming
gave 'em water
no i gotta give 'em a little light

its been 7 years exactly
since you came along
you know he's gonna free me soon

i've been flying around forever
making shapes out of dust
so you're wrong if you think that i'll ever run out of time

in the sun
you're set on fire
you hear the words

its neither sane, nor very vegan
but i was called to kill the baphomets face
that rested upon one head like fate
on the gypsies suffocating snake

i have no idea whats going on
everything is so strange
entities keep taking hold
i just do what i'm told

another call to synchronicity
another snake to take its place i see
now a 7 rests upon this head
as to confirm 1 devils dead

i have no idea whats going
everything is so strange
entities keep taking hold
i just do what i'm told

please make no mistake
for i am only here to wake you
whether i whisper that i love you
or violently shake you
Track Name: Learn New Things
all this knowledge inside your brain
yet so few of us use drugs to learn new things
mushrooms collect us
for fun and games
like cameras of consciousness
mind full of each frame

the roses are blooming
the violets are ready
the weed is a hybrid
but still very heady
i'm on the floor
like a light on the ceiling
my worlds upside down
i'm in love with this feeling
Track Name: Tea With The Moth
open up your mind and free the moth
its got more dreams to see
and people to be
i myself am actually quite fond
of the company
but thats just me

i spend a lot of time just, like,
flying into the lights and shit...
it is fun!
i don't quite understand
what it means to be
alive or dead
like the walking one
Track Name: 222 Years Of War
shadows in the wall
things you haven't thought of yet
multiplying figures
like equations in a silouhette
but does it all add up?

children in the sun
they're never growing up
maybe i'm the same one
you know i burn as bright as they do
but oh I've..
always been a runaway

wonder lost
run away

don't take yourself so seriously
just take it easy
just take it easy
things will keep on as always
trust me
just take it easy
just take it easy
everything will be
as its always been
so just take it easy
Track Name: Flicker
living paradox
the same old voice telling you to do something new
never stops, but to introduce you to a different kind of blue
wake up
you're stuck in a coma and this is the only way that we can reach you
wake up
you've been dreaming this whole time and we just don't know what else to do

saturn rings again
saturn rings again
no one is answering
nobody really knows
what is really happening

skeletons and flashing lights
all shaking in quaking earth
coiled in the spider web amnesia you deserve
all the seasons are changing whether you want them to or not
as you sleep
and your bed of dead leaves is beginning to rot
Track Name: The Endest Deep
catch me staring at the light too long
i got this feeling and i just can't seem to walk it off
i just keep counting every step
i number every thought
7 is the one that will free this moth
i try, i try
i squint my eyes
and get so lost sometimes
i lose my fucking mind
so i synchronize
all the 3s and 5s
skip from 2 to 9
i try, i try
i try, i try
in just a second of sun
where i misplaced my keys
something came out of nowhere
all of my friends and i sneezed

free the moth

a call out from
the endest deep
a burden thought
the gift of sleep
is given back
theres no receipt
the light is here
the moth is free
projects out from infernal reach
Track Name: As I'm Here (version 3)
This whole world is spinning around
the walls of this universe were found
and they fractal in each one of our skulls.
We are eternally hollow at a quantum level.
It's a wonder how on earth we exist,
but all the good things and the bad things persist.

All the animals on the ground, and the sea,
and the sky where i can't reach,
all the insects, all the aliens, all the tress
are part of everything, and everyone, and me.

As i'm here, i've a place in which i fit.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Track Name: Similar Things
isn't life so strange? you wake up everyday
and do similar things
you hardly notice any difference
but things are always different
and thats what makes it fun
such subtle simplicities of each moment
slightly different from the last
it kinda makes me laugh
to think that i can be apart of this intricacy
things can be so intimate
or so completely distant
try not to be so distant from me
try to keep in touch won't you please?
i'm missing you so badly already

oh, hello
you know i have to go
i know you'll do just fine,
sweet walking one of mine
just keep doing similar things
i'm never gone forever
in fact i'll see you soon
i'm just flying towards the moon
Track Name: Sefirot
All that i know
one day i'll find a different way
to escape
i dont mind at all
for awhile now
i've been caged
i enjoy it very much
no one knows my name
set ablaze

whered you go?
my ebb and flow
this light could synchronize to nothing
or everything
when i woke up, it felt so free
with light reflecting off the 7th sea
i drowned
now i am cleansed

time flies
so slow
earth sends
from my
in my
dreams they
my call
i wake
up and
know it
Track Name: So Far, So Good
i only dream of aliens and alien abductions
and i begin to see its not a dream that i am stuck in
lucidly ascending from the ground i have found
that what goes up most certainly does not always come down..

invade my space
inhumane race
to stuff my face
with drugs and cake
i found my fate
up in the sky
i woke up here
i don't know why

its stupid that i have to stay
and play this game the system made
its lame, i'd leave
so please take me
up there, somewehere
so far, so good
Track Name: Path
sitting in the dark, try to be a light
so that i can see where i’m going
and when i get lost, oh i get so lost
waiting on the path for something

let me be a light, or please let me be aurora borealis
i don’t care to live or die, i try just to find some kind of higher purpose

standing with the sun, walking down the street
all the meanings of life surround me
thought it was so fun, it was all a game
tell i find out whats exactly happening

so disorganized, contrary to belief, is the eye of illumination
universal love transmitted from the center of under-standing

digging through the bones, swimming down the holes
i find the sum of all things
could it be the first, will it be the last
i’m just waiting on the path for something

sometimes i try not stop and think, force myself to keep on walking
i get lost, i get so lost, waiting on the path for something

mother's sitting in her chair
while father mows the lawn
unaware, i climb the stairs
to see whats going on

choose the blue, or red instead
decisions to be made
walk sleepily until i'm dead
or escape fully awake

now which way