So Unaware of Its Weird Life

by Along Came Paully

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released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Along Came Paully Tulsa, Oklahoma

I record/mix/master everything by myself on a tascam 8-track analog recorder.

I was born on 05/07/1993. been writing poetry since 2002.

P. S. i have never seen the movie Along Came Polly. the end

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Track Name: Weird Life intro / A Theory of Relativity
Its so relative to say
that you are or not insane,
so just sit back and fade away,
and don't worry about a thing,
'cause there's no telling if you're right
about the thoughts, the sounds, or the sights.
just embrace, and take it all in strides.
Only flowers behind your clear-white
Weird Life
Track Name: A Different Kind Of Blue
Painted in my sleeping cage
the dreams would pass my dying days
where shades of red were soon to fade,
a different kind of blue would stay

and i don't know what else to say,
we knew it'd happen this way

now every things out of control,
obsessive in my thought's compulse.
All color leaves my lungless face,
a different kind of blue would stain

what you think is perfect now
is nervous and its breaking down

I've crumbled at the slightest thought
of feeling understood at all.
There is nothing in the human clock
to heal you from what never stops

but just keep going and I'll tell you when
i think its safe to breathe again

I've been down so many roads
that i think i could guess where this one goes,
but as soon as you think you know,
a different kind of blue will show

delusion is a lethal dose
but i'm coming down, look out below
Track Name: Apeirogon
Come and see what I have made
sitting in the willow shade,
lost the outlines of my face,
started walking in peculiar ways.

Unaware and curious, we transcend and spot ourselves,
so delirious, you experience your
Weird Life
seen in the sides of your eyes,
your Weird Life
caught in the corners of your corneas

Can you feel your passing plane?
Oh, theres no time to explain
when your corners start to cave,
folding in your shapeless grave

be all sides of an apeirogon,
countless structures, here then gone
waiting for to correspond,
waiting here, i've grown so fond
of this Weird Life
seen in the sides of your eyes,
your Weird Life
caught in the corners of your corneas

Come and see what i have made
painted in my sleeping cage.
Track Name: Transmissions From Hollow Earth
You thought you were spinning fast enough
that everything would go into the center,
but gravity lost its pull, and you were wrong.

The surface freezes while the inside only burns.
If you find no ending to this trip, when will you turn?
when it comes to language, there is more than meets the ear.
If you find no meaning in the sounds, when will you hear?

We've been gone for so long, we lost ourselves.
Track Name: Alien Cloth
Can you feel yourself begin to fade?
look back for your steps, but find no trace.
You've no name, you're a blank page. What a strange complaint.
Paint your clean slate.

Look out from the hollows of your mind.
See yourself, your own perfect design.
Vehicle with such a Weird Life inside.
Don't waste its time.

Faceless in your dreams, they speak no words,
yet are heard in the reflection of your curse.
But your Earth turns, you will learn that these circles swerve and disperse,
if so coerced.

Alien cloth from which you were torn
was not meant to be worn, it won't conform
shake your fear, watch your works of art appear.
Why are you still here?
Track Name: You Don't Know Me (words by Edie Hill, 5yrs old)
"You don't know me, I don't know you." -Edie Hill, 5years old
Track Name: Poet's Tomb (remix)
Sky ocean falls
with wind in tune
through white noise walls
of solemn room
in heavy drawls,
the poet's tomb
contrast it all,
the shades of gloom,
the shades of gloom.

I'm breathing still,
my lungs are filled
in intervals,
my stomach is ill
with pitted lulls
and nothing is real,
just trivial,
all the syllables.

The lightning sings
the curtained glass,
all the moments passed.
Nothing brings
the very last,
no, it brought itself,
and it always has,
but nevermore.
Track Name: Distractful Things
Black top table,
spun glass remnants, and a singing bowl,
more to this picture though,
blurred corner vision infinite years old.
But, what do you care?
Things you don't see, you look past them like air-
Like wind in the hallways.
Shutting doors push you through audible phases,
hearing names always.
Choose to ignore, or choose to give chase for your
Weird Life,
cluttered with distractful things.

Disposable people,
lackluster attempts to be sociable,
Oh, it sounds so selfish of me.
I'd just rather be by myself, don't you see?
But, whats wrong with that?
Easier to deal when you know nothings real, its a fact.

Sweating temptation,
contoured curves try to sway my fixation,
"there's no harm in lust"
You be the devil's advocate i can trust.
But there are no saturn rings,
just vision and decisions impaired by distractful things.

Fossilized memories
resurfaced by tremors and carbon dating,
but where does the time go?
Underground spaceships frozen in the snow,
will you please return home?
Hollow Earth buzzing with all of these things,
i would know.

Electrical outlets,
plug myself in when i start to regress,
as if i ever had power at all.
System shuts down, then try to reinstall.
But the servers the same,
the virus remains, your
Weird Life,
speckled with dead pixels, and
distractful things.
Track Name: Echo Never Fades
Question marks fall
from an unattended sky,
along with other things
landing heavy on my mind.
They drag me down and pass me by.

How punctual the phrase
came and kissed me on my face,
leaving marks that i feel may
scar, but still remain
distanced from my rattled cage.

Escalated volume
in another creature's wave
resonates within my soul
and the echo never fades,
the echo never fades.

Two of us along the way,
treading lightly across the plane.
Turn the sun and tip my shade,
and the quantum god would stay
intrinsically in place.
Track Name: Story Fractals
Apeirogon, keep rolling on with nothing.
Oh, my god, i think we're on to something.
Hold the applause, there's no one here to come clean.

If your selfish acquisition is the only reason for your ambition,
and you think you're happy, well i'm sorry but you're wrong.
Society likes to trick you into thinking that you need something,
when really, you don't need anything at all.

Apeirogon, keep rolling on with nothing.
Oh, my god, i think we're on to something.
Hold the applause, there is no one here to come clean.
Track Name: Bless Your Tempered Ears
Maple leaves for you,
locust shells for me,
make believe something new,
like how the grains of sand, they strain to stand,
and thats why they stay in our shoes,
its true.

Appleseeds for you,
willow trees for me,
canopy in the roots,
where all the golden leaves house birds and bees,
who, at heights that i could never reach, sing:
"Hallelujah, hallelujah,
all is still and right, we're spilled inside our passing lives."

Nosy tree
looks upon
the peonies,
somethings wrong.
All of the birds are gone.
Track Name: Spirit Molecules
Smooth hints of footprints
hiding under soggy leaves,
you'll never find me,
no, you don't know how,
but you'll keep on guessing,
i wouldn't put it past you to do that.

Printed truths like photo booths,
tiny things to remind you
that things are so different
than what they could be.
But your sweating palm trees
sway by your nervous seas.

We're all stuck in confusion,
in hopes that some conclusion
will coincide with our delusions.
Our lives will be ruined
if we ever figure out
what is going on.
Track Name: Devotion
Why are you still here,
on your cluttered canvas floor?
So far away, my dear,
you are just one more
Weird Life
spilled inside some passerby,
experiencing some stimuli.
This is not the first time,

so unaware of its Weird Life

So far away from here,
you are just one more
lonely god,
why don't you keep rolling on?
Nothing good will come along.
Not 'til you are dead or gone.

So unaware of its Weird Life.